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Drain & Pipe - High Pressure Cleaning

Moore Plumbing offers Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning as the most efficient, thorough and reliable method of clearing clogged drain and sewer lines for both commercial and residential properties. While cable snakes are effective at removing small obstructions and punching holes through clogs, hydro jet machines are the most dependable option for heavy or recurring back-ups – and they offer a long term solution.


Overview of services

Hydro jet machines are essentially water tanks connected to hoses with specialized nozzles that direct hot or cold water at an extremely powerful velocity throughout the walls of pipes. The hoses are ideal for short or long distances, and both the hoses and nozzles are designed for varying drain types and sizes. Hydro jets are ideal for:
  • Completely removing mineral, grease and bacteria build up
  • Completely removing tree roots (unlike cable blades, which will only pull up sections of roots)
  • Long distance drain cleaning (especially for commercial sewer lines)
  • Flushing out sludge and waste for good
  • Clearing frozen lines with hot water pressure
  • Cleaning the walls of the entire pipe (as opposed to simply unclogging one area)
  • Providing the most environmentally friendly way to clean drains
  • Providing long term results (hydro jet cleanings can last for years)
  • Grease traps
  • Sewer lines
  • Storm drain lines
  • Leaching field lines
  • Digester tanks
  • Pump chambers
  • Sediment traps

How Does Water Jetting Work?

High-pressure water jetting relies on specialized equipment—commonly known as water jetters—to generate highly pressurized jets of water. The units consist of the following components: a heavy-duty hose, a nozzle, a water tank, a pump, and a motor.

The pump is attached to the tank and motor, the hose is attached to the pump, and the nozzle is attached to the hose. The design of the nozzle is essential to the process. It features tiny openings that point forward and backward. When water is pushed through them by the pump, the hose and nozzle assembly propels through the drain or sewer line and breaks up and flushes out any dirt and debris accumulated inside it.

Different types of nozzles are used to handle different types of accumulations and obstructions, such as dirt or tree roots. Due to the power of the high-pressure equipment, it is essential to have a trained professional to operate it. Otherwise, there is an elevated risk of damaging the piping system. The steps in a typical water jetting operation are as follows:

  1. Lowering the hose into place in the drain or sewer line
  2. Turning on the motor to power the pump and initiate the flow of pressurized water through the hose and nozzle assembly
  3. Allowing the hose and nozzle assembly to break up and clear out solids and residues as it navigates its way through the line back to the pipe entrance

Benefits of Water Jetting

Compared to other drain and sewer cleaning solutions, water jetting offers a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Thoroughness & Effectiveness: High-pressure jetting thoroughly removes grease, dirt, sludge, and other solids and residues that are nearly impossible to tackle with less powerful methods (e.g., rooting or snaking).
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Water jetting is so thorough you won’t require multiple, often expensive, chemical treatments for the same clog.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Water jetting typically only requires water to accomplish the desired results, which means that there are no harsh chemicals to contaminate your work environment or the surrounding environment. Additionally, while the pressure of the water is high, the total amount of water required for the process is not.
  • Versatility: Water jetting technicians can select specific tools and techniques for any blockage, making the service useful for routine cleanings and urgent removals.
  • Suitability for Preventative Maintenance: Clogs can cause downtime or equipment failures for many businesses. Scheduled water jetting can prevent these problems from occurring at a relatively low cost.
Our water jetting units are trailer mounted making accessibility much easier when working in confined areas. The length of the high-pressure hoses on our machines are 60 meters to ensure that we easily reach between cleaning eyes and manholes.

Water Jetting for Sewer Cleaning Applications

Water jetting is ideal for cleaning drain and sewer lines with severe and stubborn blockages, such as concrete or roots. These obstructions can lead to system backup and overflow, both of which can cause facility and equipment damage. Water jetting equipment is powerful enough to break up and flush out these materials from the line, allowing water and other materials to flow through it once again. In addition to removing obstructions such as concrete and roots from drain and sewer lines, water jetting is also used for the following applications:

  • Pipe degreasing
  • Pipe descaling
  • Pipe deicing/thawing
  • General pipe cleaning

What we Clean

Our experts will draw on their understanding of plumbing to select the most effective equipment for your situation, taking into consideration the type of blockage and the type and condition of your pipe. This attention to detail allows us to resolve problems efficiently while protecting the integrity of your plumbing systems. Our water jetters generate up to 4000 PSI, creating enough pressure to effectively scrub a wide range of pipes and equipment, such as: